Litigation Support Services

Court Reporters in Louisiana.

Court Reporting

Louisiana Court Reporters provides the most punctual, accurate, and professional stenographers in Louisiana.

Legal Videography

Record depositions, witness statements, document signings and more with legal videography services from Louisiana Court Reporters.

Video Conferencing

Save client resources and your valuable time by using video conferencing to host your next remote deposition.


Professional Interpretation services from Louisiana Court Reporters will ensure that you’ll have a proper record even when English isn’t the witness’s native language.

Synchronized Transcripts

Deposition transcripts can be synchronized with the video so that juries can better retain information in your arguments.


Louisiana Court Reporters can transcribe anything with a voice. From police dash cams to home recordings, Louisiana Court Reporters can transcribe it all with verbatim accuracy.

Attention Court Reporters

Louisiana Court Reporters is HiringJoin our team of amazing reporters and support staff.

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Depo in Louisiana?

We’ve Got You CoveredCourt Reporters are standing by for your deposition in Baton Rouge and all of Louisiana.

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